Local Newspaper Advertisements

These are just a few of the many advertisements Bob Butts has run over the years

Pet Advertisements Cancer Advertisements

Pet Arthritis And Cancer

Pete The Dog

$50,000.00 if 50%

of Terminal Cancer Patients Not Cured!

Missy The Cat Solution To Cancer
Tasha The Dog Water and Sea Salt Cures Cancer
Sea Salt Helps Cure Pets Cause and Cure of Cancer... for Dummies
Mountaintop Resident and Pet Cured  
  Water and Sea Salt Advertisements
Addiction Advertisements Drink Water with Salt, Avoid Caffeine
Alcoholism Experience the Power
  Miracle In 4 Days
High Blood Pressure Advertisements Curing the Incurable... For Dummies
Cause and Cure of HPB... for Dummies The Living Water and Salt of the Earth
  Symptom Free of MS in Two Weeks
Asthma Advertisement "WaterCure a Fraud, Scam..."
Asthma Cured or $50,000.00 Reward What Happened To Our Country
Cholesterol Advertisements Political Advertisements
Cholesterol Lowering Drugs Kill No Billionaire Left Behind
   What If The Auto Business
Arthritis Advertisements Operated Like The Drug Companies
Arthritis is a Scam  
Mountaintop Resident and Pet Cured Hydration and Dehydration
  One Cause - One Cure
17 Years Of Chronic Pain Gone!  
Miracle?  No, Just Common Sense  

Full page water cure ad (5 x 21 inches) in major northeastern Pa. newspaper, The Citizens Voice 11/3 & 4/07


We accept no donations. All of these ads, including billboard advertisements,  were paid for solely by Bob Butts.