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Not Worthy of Consideration"

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Hi Bob, I resonate with the approach of relating all the reasons why Donna felt the watercure was beyond belief and not worth her consideration. Then, at the urgence of a friend, and witnessing first-hand the results in her friend's life, she began the program and experienced the same amazing results. Is seeing believing, or as Wayne Dyer says, is believing seeing!

Go for it!...Ann Marie

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About two weeks ago a local woman with MS, Donna Carver, told me of how the watercure caused her to get rid of her cane in seven days because of the incredible positive improvements. A friend of hers who also had MS told her about the watercure after she became cured using it. In the days that followed amazing positive changes followed. Meanwhile both women are telling lots of people about their great success. Today I asked Donna if she heard of the watercure before. She said, "Many times, but I just dismissed it because it sounded far too good to be true. (I asked her to tell me all the negative thoughts she had about the watercure.) She thought it was terrible that Cee-Kay auto was using these people to sell auto parts. Nothing we said or wrote changed her mind. She said that if her friend Barbara hadn't insisted that she try it, she never would have done so. She is astonished at her success. Today I asked her about helping us do spots, stressing all the negativity she had against it. She is thrilled to help. I told her that I wanted her to say the all the things a lot of people are probably thinking and then lead them to same conclusion that she had arrived at. At any rate, the purpose will be to reach the people who think exactly as she did. As Frank andrews said, "The watercure sounds too good to be true and people find it impossible to believe. He also said that he knows it is true. Just keep doing testimonials because they are the only things that will prove your case." Of course we did all those thousands of TV testimonail spots and I'm sure thousands of people are still saying it's too good to be true. What in the world can we do when we are giving away the greatest health discovery in history and it gets treated this way? I guess it is so phenomenal that it is impossible to believe. Maybe I need to make this more spiritual? Of course, we have these new spots that will air shortly which should help greatly. I wonder, if I only had one last message to give to get this done, what would I say?




Just as the watercure is most often the simple, gentle solution to a health or emotional problem, rather than a violent, toxic drug or procedure based attack on symptoms; excelling in building good will and friendship with each other within and outside of our nation is the only logical solution to any human relation’s problem, rather than the violence of war and punishment. It is no more possible to bludgeon the human body into health with toxic drugs and procedures than it is to bludgeon a human being or nation into love and kindness by using physical violence. Both approaches make every problem infinitely worse.
The “Greatest Health Discovery in History” is that most so-called incurable diseases are neither incurable nor are they diseases.

Regardless of the physical or mental health condition, over 90% are most likely caused by lack of water and/or high mineral sea salt, the two most life essential nutrients. These conditions are made far worse by drinking caffeinated or alcoholic beverages as they take even more water and salt from the body.
That is why the watercure easily cures most cancer, MS, MD, asthma; arthritis etc. etc. and medical science never could, even if it had all the money in the world. Its logic is backwards. It is 100% impossible to find one drug or procedure that can cure a water or salt shortage. All they can do is ease some symptoms at best.
Just as a saline IV, a water and salt solution, is wisely the #1 protocol in every hospital; each of us must always consider water and/or salt deficiency as the most likely cause of even the smallest problem before considering anything else.

If a person is under a doctor’s care, make no drug changes until you discuss this with him/her. If I were you and my doctor scoffed at what I’ve stated here, then I would immediately find another doctor. It is not very difficult to do so. You can get names from Positive Press Radio at 457-3630 or email watercure2@adelphia.net

“I am the Living Waters; you are the salt of the earth.” Jesus Christ

Whether it is the spiritual water and salt noted in those words or the physical water and salt we use in our bodies, together they can heal the body and spirit of humanity.

Bob Butts