Why Curing Cancer, Most Health Problems

 and Almost All Problems Is Largely a Simple Fix!

First of all, if people were valued more than money and power, 99% of our health and every other problem would have no reason to exist. That’s because we’d be more interested in preventing human misery than profiting by it. But until we learn to have the wisdom of little children and dogs and give unconditional kindness and love unconditionally, we need to develop some common sense.

The truth is about health problems is that If fixing cars were as easy as fixing our bodies, most people in the automotive repair business would be out of business. That’s because all we’d have to do is put all the minerals that all the parts are made of in trunk where the car would digest them and these minerals would flow to every part so the car could repair itself. We’d need no mechanics. That is exactly how our bodies work. But instead of giving our bodies what they need, we give them what tastes good, therefore making great health impossible. Then when people get poor health, they are given drugs that treat the symptoms of a lousy diet. That’s how we have created a 2200 billion dollar health care business and that’s why almost every health problem is called incurable. We don’t give the body what it needs to fix itself. A ten year old could understand this.

Facts about health:

We should all know that if our immune systems were strong enough it’d be impossible to ever get sick. Therefore, the only way we could ever get sick is for our immune systems to get weak and the prime reason they get weak is because we don’t give they what they need to be strong.

That being the case, almost all diseases could be easily cured simply by giving our body what it needs to repair our immune systems.

If we had unhealthy plants in our gardens, all we’d do is to provide the nutrients to the soil and enough water to get them healthy.

When plants don’t get enough water, the water becomes diverted to the areas of most critical need which are the roots, that is why in time of drought, there is very little circulation to the extremities of grass and all plants. That is why the grass turns brown and leaves wilt. When the same thing happens to people, our bodies don’t get enough water and circulation is diminished to the legs and they start to turn black. Would we give thinners to the grass and other plants to improve the circulation to make the grass turn green or would we consider amputating the blades or branches or would we just water the plant? Of course not, but that is exactly what we do to ourselves.

I have never seen one single person with poor circulation who didn’t have the same problems that brown grass has. Then why would we treat dehydrated people with diabetic neuropathy blood thinners and amputations? Every single person that I ever talked to with poor circulation and did what we’d do to our lawns by giving them enough water had their circulation restored and avoided amputations.

Taking this same logic to people with cancer, I never saw a single person with cancer who wasn’t severely lacking of water. Virtually all people with cancer do the same things. Either they drank a great deal of caffeine or alcohol which robs them of water, salt and other nutrients or they hardly drink any water and/or salt at all.

Every medical researcher knows that water and salt are the two most life essential nutrients and that’s why the #1 protocol in every hospital and emergency vehicle is always a $525 quart of salt water (a penny’s worth of salt and water in the form of a saline IV). That immediately strengthens their immune systems and in most cases gets immediate results. That is why a person having an asthma attack immediately gets rid of it upon getting a saline IV. That is also why people almost always immediately feel better after getting salt water, which is why the water cure is so successful. It supplies the two most life essential nutrients & add some sugar and potassium so it can repair itself. For more information on this, search the Internet for saline IV benefit sports and you will see where water and salt are used as a legal sports performance enhancer.

For those who are understandably skeptical, ask your MD to give you two saline IV’s a day for two days while avoiding caffeine and alcohol and in most cases amazing results will be achieved, even for mental illness or they could just swim in the ocean a couple of times a day for four days. That’s what many people in the Philippines do. This same logic would get most people out of nursing homes.

That is all that true healing is about. The problem is that it is free and it will work. Of course if we valued each other more than money and power, we’d never have these problems in the first place. Then 99% of all of our worst problems will have no reason to exist. By excelling in kindness, we can all have great health and great lives. Best of all, it doesn’t cost a cent.

Bob Butts