Letter to editor:

How & Why every major election makes losers out of 90% of Americans 

Any government that truly cares about the welfare of its people is more concerned about building good will with all citizens above everything else.  Excelling here gives most problems little reason to exist.  While our government deserves an “A+” for the good will it shows to its owners, the top 10% of the wealthiest & most powerful citizens and groups (they fund the campaigns of both parties), it deserves and “F” for the horrendous lack of good will it shows to the bottom 90% of Americans.   Because of this situation, the Democrat & Republican parties are owned by this upper 10% and it doesn’t matter who wins, the bottom 90% lose every time.  This same mentality has infected politics at every level and continues to erode the integrity of our nation.  That is why the Haliburtons, the Enrons and all the huge money-power addicted groups of our nation control our government and our lives.

Come election time, all we do is vote to choose who will be the flunkies of these power groups. 

It matters not what either party promises because they are both owned by the same people.  When was the last time a major decision at any government level wasn’t designed to primarily benefit the top 10%?  Even the Bush tax cut did exactly that under the guise that it is only the wealthy that create jobs.

We can’t eliminate any major profitable problem if the top 10% make a lot money on it.

To the degree that we, as a nation and as individuals, continue to measure our worth in terms of money and influence, is the degree to which we destroy the integrity of our nation and the quality of our lives.

That is why the most successful government in history, Greece, had most political offices filled by lottery.  They knew that people could not be trusted with much power and the opportunity to buy elections. 

As things stand now, it is 100% impossible for our fellow citizens at the lower levels of the economic ladder to survive very well when the top 10% deliberately devalues the dollar, merges companies to control markets, drive wages down and profits up by shipping jobs overseas to get slave labor from other nations and any manner of subversion to transfer wealth from the bottom to the top. 

If the bottom 90% were to excel at one thing and that is at building good will with each other, we can change everything.  This kind of thinking enriches us both spiritually and financially, including the upper 10% whose humanity has been lost because of their money/power addictions. 

As for me, I will cast my vote for the non-Democrats and non-Republicans of our nation whose values are those we want in our leaders.  I will not vote for anyone whose party is owned by the rich and powerful.  I will not vote for the lesser of the two evils when the only difference is how fast or how slow they rob from the highly disorganized to make the rich and powerful even more rich and powerful.

I’d rather live in a tent among people who respect and care about each other than in palaces among people that we cannot trust. 

Bob Butts

The Citizens Voice 04/16/2004

Watercure will prove that cancer is caused by chronic dehydration

'I am confident that the watercure is the answer to cancer.'


Last week, I announced that I will offer $50,000 if the free watercure doesn't cure at least 50 percent of terminal cancer patients. The money is to be offered to a local, non-profit organization with no paid employees.
I am confident that the no-cost watercure is the answer to cancer, but I expected everyone to at least say, lets take a look at it, not to scoff and sneer at it. Look at all the TV testimonials of people successfully cured of many "incurable" problems and at no cost.

The Citizen's Voice article that ran April 8 did not specify that our offer is to cure "terminal cancer." The watercure will prove to the entire world that cancer is not a mysterious disease, but just a simple problem caused by chronic dehydration, like most of the other so-called incurable diseases. We will prove the truth of the watercure by curing at least half of the cancer victims sent home to die. The full, scientific explanation of the watercure is available at www.watercure.com.

We will have accomplished with $50,000 what medical science could not do in hundreds of years with trillions of dollars and millions of employees. History has proven many times that orthodox thinking tends to resist every new idea, as it is now doing with the watercure. I sincerely believe that the watercure could virtually eradicate cancer in less than a year. Don't you think it's about time that something different was tried? Even the New England Journal of Medicine says the success rate of orthodox cancer treatment is abysmal.

National Cancer Institute co-founder Dr. Dean Burk said, "The only things that prevents cancer from being cured are lies, prejudice, superstition, ignorance and the big money made by not curing cancer."

A local oncologist in The Citizen's Voice article challenged us to produce one patient and prove that cancer disappears. Thanks to Geisinger Hospital, it has been done. They have the medical records of Andrew Bauman of Old Forge, who was sent home terminally ill as the result of 26 malignant tumors. Andrew picked up watercure information at my store (Cee-Kay Auto) and had remarkable improvements within four days. In less than six months, he was 100 percent cancer free, as per his Geisinger doctors. I'm certain that Geisinger would share these records with the oncologist.

The people who have cancer couldn't care less who is right. They just expect research to concentrate on eliminating it. We must come together as one human family working to make life less difficult for each other, not to perpetuate the problems that are our sources of income. By so doing, we give cancer and 99 percent of the rest of our problems little reason to exist.

Bob Butts

©The Citizens Voice 2004

Are Local People Dying Needlessly 

While The News Media Hide Their Heads In The Sand?


In July 1994, I came across an article of an interview with Dr. Batmanghelidj's. The topic was water. Dr. Batmanghelidj claimed in this interview that drinking 2 quarts of water daily and abstaining from caffeinated beverages could cure or prevent many of the illnesses we suffer with today. I became very interested and decided to look into this claim. I read Dr. Batmanghelidj's book. It all made sense to me. I contacted the doctor so I could learn more. His book shows scientific proof that chronic dehydration is the cause of much illness. Many researchers and doctors back him up in this claim. Some people say that this is the "GREATEST HEALTH DISCOVERY IN HISTORY!" 

Since this time Cee-Kay Auto and myself have spent well over $250,000.00 trying to spread the word of this non drug related cure. Paul Harvey published an editorial in the Connecticut Post last year. He said " Maybe this doctor is just another opportunist selling books. But, on the chance that he has something, let's listen." His words have fallen on deaf ears. If big business and the media cannot make money on it they are not interested! We all know that you cannot make money on water.     

Isn't it time that we do what's right for the people just because it's right not because it will make a profit. I have contacted all the local newspapers and TV stations. I sent them all the information I had and, other than an occasional story, they haven't done a whole lot. Dr. Batmanghelidj's discovery will cut profits from the entire health care system, besides saving over a million lives a year. Is this why the media is afraid to get involved? The doctor feels that health care costs could be reduced by 70% if we all followed his guidelines. The AMA would not be happy about this. Maybe this is why they won't get involved. Whatever the reason, all I can say is that people are suffering and dying needlessly. 

This situation has proven to me once again that it is time to start teaching our kids the value of people instead of the value of money while they are young. Then when they were older they would realize the merit of Dr. Batmanghelidj's claim. They would care enough to spread the word of the doctors findings in an effort to ease suffering and heal people for the sake of love and caring; not money or profit.

Bob Butts

Medical Educators, Drug Manufacturers

All Wet in Opposition to Water Cure


I didn't say water was a cure-all (April 20); it only cures drought in the human body which cause symptoms our society terms "disease." We see many testimonials from people of so-called "incurable diseases" virtually eliminated with proper hydration (including salt).

A Kinston urologist is quoted in the article as saying, "There's no question that drinking " fluids" can help." I question that because, in my experience, people who drink coffee, tea and caffeinated sodas and beverages believe that they are "drinking a lot of fluid." These beverages cannot take the place of water because, in metabolizing them, the body doesn't treat them as it does water. The result is dehydration with its symptoms of pain and disease.

I have met many people whom health care couldn't fix and learned that they drink very little water and consume large amounts of diuretic caffeine. I hear of and speak to local doctors who observe their patients improving and getting rid of medical conditions following Dr. Batmanghelidjs' discovery. Yet they wont speak out publicly for fear of sanctions by their community.

I have been told by many that medical school spend more hours having doctors memorize  pharmaceuticals to apply symptoms than they do learning about nutrition.

It is somewhat ironic that a $1.7 trillion industry will not guarantee results, while an auto parts business is willing to offer $25 worth of auto parts if this free health-care solution doesn't help a person's health improve after 30 days.

The medical education/pharmaceutical industry are corrupt systems ripping off the doctors by ignorance while the people pay for it with their lives.

Bob Butts

Mail Bag Letters from Readers

In view of the fantastic results of the water cure, the Automotive Wholesale Association of New England (AWANE) and its self-funded health insurance trust have invited Connie Giblin and me to address it members at its annual convention. As you can see by the following letters, they are impressed.

From: Richard T. Healy Executive Director

Automotive Wholesale Association of New England

To: Bob Butts Cee-Kay Auto

Our E.A.P. specialist has been on the water program for about seven weeks. He weighed in at 295; he’s presently lost 40 pounds; he’s lost all traces of diabetes; his asthma has been noticeably relieved, and his skin has improved. He now plays golf without back pain, and incidentally, this is very important to him. He’s the biggest enthusiast we have and, as you know, as an E.A.P. specialist he’s in the field contacting the people covered by our Insurance Trust daily, in that his specialty is drug addiction and alcoholism. He’s taken many of our tapes, quite a few of our books, and is promoting the program personally. 

Personally, I’ve been on the program for quite a while, and I feel that my indigestion has improved, my taste far more precise, and overall I feel it’s working. The same situation holds true for Phil Grisafi, our insurance Manager, a young guy in his thirties, and to my knowledge, he’s very, very, pleased with the results of the water cure so far. Will keep you posted. 

Once again, thank you for all your efforts and dedication.

From: Richard T. Healy (Executive Director Automotive Wholesale Association of New England) 

To: Bob Butts Cee-Kay Auto

For fiscal year 1999, the A.W.A.N.E medical insurance rates will increase an average of approximately 14 percent. How does the independent businessman, meeting stiffer competition, working on reduced gross profits, incur additional increased medical costs as an employer? This continuous squeeze results in fewer medical benefits or ultimately no employer-sponsored medical program. 

When the government gets into the act, the bottom line is always increased costs. Is there an answer? Yes, there is …people must take the responsibility for their own health! Ask 100 people and 100 people, upon reflection, will tell you that "health is number one." Then approximately 30 percent of the people will light up or drink excessively. 

The medical industry can solve everything with a pill. There is always an easy and costly way, but despite our medical and technological progress, quality of life can disappear before the ultimate end. The "water cure," which you so ably promote, may well be the difference between a company sponsoring a health plan or, for economic reasons, dropping medical coverage. 

The "water cure" is an act of war against a medical system which is absorbing approximately 14 percent of the gross national product. The "water cure" will be a difficult marketing challenge because it costs nothing. Recognizing this, we must incorporate you and your program into our A.W.N.E. convention. We must give the "water cure" what it deserves. A great health plan helps people get better quicker. 

We look forward to your visit in early December in Newport, Rhode Island. Thank you in advance.

Other endorsements include *Dr. Louis Guarneri D.C., Forty Fort; *Dr. Richard Langdon D.C., Plains; *Dr. Robert Opet D.C., Forty Fort; *Dr. Jerry Reisinger N.C., Kingston; *Dr. Turkosky D.C., Edwardsville; *Dr. Gary Weissberger, Kingston; *Louis Domiano, 286 Corporation; *G Russett, Russett Insurance Agency, Kingston; *B. Santarelli, Santarelli Block Company, West Wyoming.

By now, most people know that the "water cure" infinitely outshines anything that the Drugs-R-Us medical schools have to offer. Unfortunately, drug companies make big donations to medical schools and legislators so key solutions to highly expensive health problems aren’t highly regarded. Please let your legislators and all government officials know you’ve had it with the medical craziness and want an investigation as to how and why the "water cure" is so successful and why the so-called highly-educated medical system is brain dead in recognizing what a ten year old could easily understand. Please …make copies of this page and get it to your legislators. Let them know that you know they’ll do the right thing and want to get at the truth. Thank you.