People Rarely Die of Natural Causes!

We die of a kindness deficiency! otherwise we’d never value money & power more than people which has caused us to be blind to the secondary cause of almost all health problems, the shortage of the two most life essential nutrients, water and salt.

What could be dumber than this? Of course, did not God say that if we did not keep his commandments He’d make the wise foolish?

A few of these water-salt deficiency caused problems are: Arthritis, asthma, autism and other birth defects caused by the mother being dehydrated, most back problems (without enough water & salt the body cannot produce enough cartilage to prevent joint degeneration), cancer, high cholesterol which only appears when the body needs it to prevent water loss in cells, circulation problems, depression, diabetes, fibromyalgia, headaches, lupus, Multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, obesity, osteoporosis, scleroderma & most skin problems and thyroid problems.

Skeptical??? You should be, but prove it to yourself. Ask everyone with these problems how much water and salt they use. They are the key ingredients of the #1and most profitable protocol in every hospital…..a saline IV which consists of a penny’s worth of salt water and sells for $525. So why are doctors taught to tell patients that salt is bad for you?

The truth about the aforementioned problems and a whole lot more are they are really all the same problem because when the salt and/or water deficiency which caused the problem is corrected, the problem will often disappear. If you don’t like doing things the no-cost way, then ask your doctor to give you two saline IV’s day for at least four days while drinking no caffeine or alcohol and see what happens. You might consider jumping in the ocean for an hour a day & see the great benefit you receive from being immersed in salt water.

For more information: <> & read the recipe below Dr. Batmanghelidj's picture. Also view <> for all the scientific information.

P.S. All the research money in the world will never cause us to be the kinder, more gentle people that would give 99% of all health and social problems no reason to exist. Kind people have no interest in profiting from human misery, but unkind people most certainly do. For millions of years we have been trying to punish unkind actions with unkindness; a guaranteed failure.* Obviously the ultimate cure for all problems is "Kindness which costs nothing and enriches us all."*

Bob Butts