Testimonials in Brief

"Years of asthma and allergies gone. The water cure works for me and will work for others. On a scale of 1 to 10, I feel like a nine." Jeff DeAnthony, Pittston, PA. (570) 654-3604.

"I was out of work every other month due to my asthma and allergies. I had to sit up sleeping. I have not been sick now for over one year. I have gotten my life back!" Lee Tererri, Dunmore, PA. (570) 963-0708.

"Asthma for three years gone. I have regained enough of my vision to drive again. I have my life back due to the water cure. Optic neuritis left me with 80% vision loss due to coughing from the asthma. I am regaining most of my eyesight back in my right eye as well." Sandra Paczkowski, Avoca, PA. (570) 457-9516.

"Nineteen years of allergies and bronchitis gone. PMS as well. All due to the water cure. Drink only water now, all day long." Connie Giblin, Kingston, PA. (570) 331-2210

"Sinus, chronic headaches, stomach problems, ulcers and back problems gone. It's so simple and it's free." Bob Santarelli, Santarelli Building Block, West Wyoming, PA. (570) 693-2200.

"Diabetes under control, energy better than ever. My memory has been restored. If I have a diabetic episode, it responds to water." Humphery Perez, Stroudsburg, PA. (570) 420-0123.

"156 pounds lost in 14 months. No more stress in my joints and my back feels great. Reduced 14 pant sizes. I was depressed and irritated. Thank God for this discovery." Larry Deminski, Pittston, PA. (570) 654-9640.

"Could only eat baby food and ice cream due to severe stomach and digestive problems. After 30 days on the water cure, I feel better than I have in years. I can eat real food now." Martha Greco, (570) 457-2209.

"Uveitis and other related eye problems gone. Remarkable difference in only two weeks. Feeling better than I have in years." Marie Woytowich, Wilkes-Barre, PA. (570) 654-7113.

"I was ready to sell my business due to joint pain, arthritis and gout. I now feel like I am 20 years old again and I am now 54. I was supposed to go in for extensive joint replacement. I only drink water now." Mike George, Avoca, PA. (570) 457-790.

"Muscular Dystrophy disappeared in two months. More energy and better health than I can remember in a long time." Ed Dippre, West Pittston, PA. 

"Physically and mentally in shambles. I suffered from severe chest pains, shortness of breath and lack of energy. They have saved my life." Craig Palmiter, Scranton, PA. (570) 342-8384

"MS for seven years. I never drank water and I lived on caffeine. In three weeks my eye sight came back and all other symptoms disappeared and I was filled with incredible energy. I have now been free of all symptoms since May of 1996." Bob Van Luvanee, Scranton, PA. (570) 341-5594.

"Lowered high blood pressure tremendously. Joint pain gone. No longer tired. Now full of energy and enthusiasm." Gary Barrett, 202 Mountain View Way, Scranton, PA. 18505.

We were always told, for good health drink 8 glasses of water a day and that we will die after 4 days without water. Then if we are only drinking 1, 2, 3 or 4 glasses a day, shouldn't we have health problems? Other than oxygen, nothing is more critical to  life than water. Then why does medical education refuse to teach anything about water? Why isn't the level of hydration the first check made before making any diagnosis? Over and over again, we have seen that the people with the worst health problems are the ones that drink the least amount of water. Isn't the cure for water shortage more water? Or is it drugs? If so, when our lawns dry up in the summer because of lack of water, should we throw drugs on them?