What Prophecy Tells Us

This article also tells about how to reduce cholesterol but anyone who follows the water cure knows that by doing the water cure, it will quickly return to normal.  Otherwise it is a very good article. 

Stengler's Medical Mystery: Surprising Cause of Memory Loss http://www.bottomlinesecrets.com/blpnet/article.html?article_id=44430

Iíve been on Dr Bís water cure now for 13 months; prior to the on taking I suffered from;

Memory loss from 3 brain surgeries carried out from 1989 through 1993
Acid reflux disease
Itching swollen eyes from allergies
Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
Sleep Apnea
Body Weight was at 310 pounds
Energy levels were non-existent

For the last 16 years all the above kept me confined to my condominium, because medication made me allergic to sunlight, energy levels were at minimum, and the overall situations left little enthusiasm for anything else accept studying scripture. Now after 13 months of water and salt, memory functions have returned, weight is now at 220 pounds, and the other four problems listed above have been eliminated. Next month itís been set up for me to learn to drive again, after not being able to drive since 1975. What Dr B. showed me in his works, were that the human body functions identical to a water and wastewater system regarding operations and maintenance. This allows everyone the ability to maintain their own body in a healthy status. I have another 6 months before Iím free of a 40 year accumulation of medicine thatís been trapped in my body; and from this point on, theyíll have a devil of a time putting any more chemical prescriptions in me.

Scripture showed me that everything on this planet is dual; prophecies of Old Testament are now in repetition. The Israelites of old were held in slavery by the Egyptians; today that prophecy repeats itself, only we are being held in bondage by a Medical Professionófrom the glorified doctors, to the greedy pharmaceutical industry, including the bureaucratic governmental agencies that are supposed to protect us. What Dr B. opened for me was an escape from the bonds of the Medical Industry and a means of putting my own health back together and knowledge of how to keep that health in check. Utilizing the water and salt aspect along with diet and exercise has opened a whole new world of treating the bodyís ills.

One other point that needs to be brought out isóman was told to let the land rest every 7th year, which has never been carried out. There were minerals and vitamins within the soil meant for mans health; those substances have been washed into the sea. If a person utilizes the original unprocessed sea salt for their daily intake, some of these materials can be reclaimed by the body. Astaxanthin, found in algae is one of these vitamins.