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Here is an article that was written in Woman’s World 9-4-01. The top of the article states… "We can't rave enough about the latest weight loss breakthrough. It's simple, safe and effective. This M.D. - devised technique has already worked wonders for All My Children's Finola Hughes, who shed 30 pounds three times faster than average - and without dieting." Read on to discover how you can drink away as much as 40 pounds, easily.

Before you read another word, go pour yourself a glass of water. Why? Because what we’re about to tell is going to make you very thirsty. At least that’s the reaction Chicago mom Amy Biank had when she first heard about a ground breaking treatment, for weight gain fatigue and a host of other stubborn ailments…
“At the time, I was getting out of bed in the morning and feeling old and heavy”, recalls the 54-year old, who’d been steadily gaining weight since her early 40’s. “My joints ached. I would get overwhelmingly tired. I had hot flashes, mood swings, sinus headaches. I didn’t have the stamina to work out, and I had such strong cravings for foods like chocolate and bacon…I just surrendered and said, ‘this is the way I’m going to be’.”

But, in fact, it wasn’t the way she was going to be…

Fast forward six weeks:

Amy was shopping in the “fat ladies” section at her favorite store and tried on a size 20 skirt. “It literally fell off”, she beams. The outfit she took home? A size 16. Now she’s in 14s, working towards a twelve. Well, maybe “working” isn’t the right word. Because Amy has lost the weight, quadrupled her energy, eliminated achy joints, beaten her allergies and chased away menopause symptom’s simply by drinking water- and then more specifically, by drinking Doctor-prescribed amount of water.
You may find this hard to believe, but All My Children’s Finola Hughes doesn’t.
When the new mom found herself with limited energy and nearly 30 pounds to lose, “My doctor said I should expect it to be about 9 months before I lost the weight,” she sighs. “I had heard drinking extra water could carry things along and I have read that if you are feeling tired, you should drink a glass of water and you will feel better. SO I tried it.

It really worked! Energy wise, I did well despite all the sleepless nights. And I was back at my normal weight in a couple of months. Now I tell everyone with weight to lose, ‘just drink water’.”

That’s exactly what Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, M.D. , affectionately known as “Dr Batman” around his practice around Falls Church, Virginia, tells his patients- who have lost up to forty plus pounds just by increasing their water intake. A recent survey found that while two out of three of us know that doctors recommend drinking at least 8 cups a day, only one in five actually drink that much. How much do you drink?
On average, a mere 4.6 cups a day.

“This chronic shortage is the reason so many of us are sick, tired and overweight, “ claims the expert, author of 'Your Body’s Many Cries for Water'.”
Humans are 75 percent water. More importantly, our brains- our control centers- are 85 percent water.

Without adequate hydration, our metabolisms slow, energy levels drop, toxic waste becomes trapped, cells are deprived of vital oxygen and nutrients and so much more.

So why don’t we feel thirstier?

“Studies show as we get older, we experience a gradual loss of sensitivity to feelings of thirst.”

And for reasons not entirely understood, humans accept a dry mouth as a primary indicator of thirst.

“Yet, it is the last signal your body sends that it is thirsty.” He adds, noting that earlier signs include sleepiness, achiness and hunger.

Since so many of the systems that keep us slim are dependent on water, it only makes sense that when these systems falter, we get fat. That’s the bad news. The good news is that simply by following one simple water drinking guideline, we can restore our body to peak health and leanness…

Dr. Batman and the world famous Mayo Clinic both offer the same easy formula for figuring out your bodies daily water requirements; take your weight and divide it in half. If, for example, you weigh 150 pounds, you need 75 ounces (9-10 glasses) daily. If you weight 250 ponds, 125 ounces (15-16 glasses).

Anytime you perspire for thirty minutes, add an extra 15-30 ounces. Anytime you drink a caffeinated beverage, add an extra 8-10 ounces!

Is pure H20 the only liquid that counts? No say experts. Any beverage without calories, caffeine, carbonation, artificial sweeteners or sodium- such as herbal teas and bottled waters with fruit essence- also counts towards your daily quota.
Meet that daily quota and your rewards will be many.

(Water makes your metabolism burn calories 3 percent faster.)

During a study at the University of Utah, test subjects that were just slightly dehydrated saw a 3 percent drop in their resting metabolism. And since the calories we burn, when we’re sitting, still account for the majority of calories burned each day, a 3 percent drop is enough to cause a pound of weight gain every six months.

“I’ve been eating a lot, and still the weight kept coming off,” reports Finola, who found drinking at least three liter sized bottles of water a day fired up her calorie burning power.

Water fights fatigue-induced hunger.

Studies have shown that the more tired we feel, the more we eat. That’s why folks who work the night shift tend to pack on extra pounds. But by drinking water, you can prevent the weariness that leads to overeating.

”There is amazing new evidence that when water passes thru our cell membranes, it creates energy independent of food- a sort of hydro electric power, “ says the expert.
ET’s super-busy Julie Moran says that when she is making a conscious effort to drink water, she never gets that starving feeling. “So when I sit down to eat, I won’t eat that much”. She says. And it helped her whisk away 24 pounds.

Water helps the digestive system operate more effectively, so you have fewer cravings.

The more water we have in our systems, the more efficiently our enzymes can break down and extract nutrients from our foods, explains Dr. Batman. The are nutrients you extract from the food you eat, the fewer cravings you will have.

“I’m continuing to lose weight without really changing anything, and a lot of this is because certain foods no longer have a hold on me”, says Amy. I don’t keep Haagen Dazs in the freezer any more. I just don’t want it.”

Water replaces beverages proven to cause weight gain.

It probably comes as no surprise that substituting water for sugary drinks saves you lots of calories. But what you might not know is that calories we drink are much more likely to end up as fat: one study found volunteers who ate an extra 450 calories unconsciously compensated at later meals and didn’t gain weight; those who drank an extra 450 calories (the amount in one large cola) didn’t compensate and gained weight.

“The great thing about water is that if you drink too much, the excess is simply excreted-it is never stored as fat, “ notes Dr. Batman.

What about no cal beverages like diet sodas, coffee and tea?

They aren’t stored as fat per say, but they trigger fat storage, “ he says. “Caffeine is a diuretic, so you drink it, thinking you are satisfying your thirst, when actually you are further dehydrating your body. In my opinion, rising obesity rates-especially among children are directly linked to our increased consumption of affricated beverages.”

Artificial sweeteners make the problem worse: “when digested, aspartame is broken down into chemicals that reduce blood sugar available to our brains, “ explains the pro.

“When this happens, we become hungry.” Additionally, sweetness alone causes the body to anticipate a new supply of sugar-so when sweetness hits your tongue, it begins to store circulating blood sugar in fat cells.

“I never realized how much more I ate when I was drinking coffee and diet sodas until I stopped, “ says Amy.

“I still have them occasionally, but when I do, I make sure to have extra water.

-Bonnie Siegler

From: abiank@aol.com
Date: Fri, 5 Jan. 2001 16:20:52 EST

To: ciroflit@epix.net
Subject: Radio Show

Dear Bob:

How amazing!!! I have a radio show in Chicago called Stepping beyond Perception and get e-mails from listeners who request possible topics and people to interview. This week your name came up so many times that I had to check out your web-site. I was truly amazed. I had just received that same information in a meditation! I was clearly told to tell people to drink more water. What's even more interesting is that on my journeys around the world visiting mystics and channelers etc. water has been a recurring topic.

Would you please honor me by being a guest on the show? We are on from 8:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. on Sunday's and have approximately 100,000 listeners. We would call you at approximately 9:10 and let you listen to the show live on the board and then have you on at about 9:20 until 9:40 or so. The show will also be sent live over the net and be archived at our website so listeners from all over the world can hear. (This is due up next week and we are very excited.)

I look forward to hearing from you,


Amy Biank

"Miraculous! I am amazed at how quickly great improvements are being made in people's lives, especially in the area of depression. My interview with Bob Butts resulted in over 700 calls; more than double that of any other guest in our stations history."