A Health Care System Worse Beyond Imagination!

IF WE HAD SET OUT TO DESIGN THE WORST HEALTH CARE SYSTEM WE COULD IMAGINE, WE COULD NOT HAVE IMAGINED ONE AS BAD AS THE ONE WE HAVE. Former editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine, Marcia Angell, M.D. said that and she urges that we scrap the one we have and start all over. Search the Internet on her name and title and read what else this courageous M.D has to say.

The World Health Organization, the most highly respected source of health information in the world, ranks the USA a disgraceful 72nd best health at #1 cost & our leaders want to give it to us at a lower price. That is insane, shouldnít free be too much?

But the solution to most of so-called incurable diseases has been known for some time, thanks to F. Batmanghelidj, M.D. who discovered that it is dehydration that is the main cause of our physical, emotional and mental illnesses. He called it the water cure. Local nurses and other employees of our health care system are embracing it because theyíve seen many local people, including themselves get cured at no cost after the system they work in has failed. What does this say about our intelligence when free outperforms 2200 billion dollars?

More and more medical doctors across the country are sick of our corrupt, profit at any cost medical system and are speaking out. Itís time for local doctors to join them and the local nurses who are doing something about it. Many local doctors tell me they are afraid of losing their jobs and licenses if they say anything. Local nurses arenít afraid and neither is Marcia Angell, M.D. and many other doctors outside of our area. Countless local chiropractors are telling their patients about the water cure. Any medical people who have the courage to put their names in print to support what Iíve stated here, Iíll be happy to run the ad with your names. At least people will know where they can find responsible medical help.

And what about the silent local news media and legislators? Big advertisers or campaign contributors got them shut up? They know what Iíve stated here is the truth unless they live under a rock. Why is WYOU TV the only news source with the courage to seek the truth by interviewing people who got well at no cost? We expect our young soldiers to risk their lives in wars while many Americans woní t risk their profit?

Even veterinarians who see 100% of pets get well from arthritis in a few days after they are given unprocessed sea salt refuse to say anything.

Itís time we all get on the same side and stop the money/power driven insanity that is destroying our lives. Let us measure excellence in terms of how well we respect and treat each other instead of who has the fattest wallets.